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Shamrock M Ranch Collie Puppy Contract

Puppy Ranch Name:
Breed: Collie
Color and Markings:
Date Whelped:
Breeder: Shannon Mulhall of Shamrock M Ranch

*The seller certifies that upon receipt, the puppy is in good health and has been immunized, been de-wormed every 2 weeks, and can be registered AKC. The buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by their veterinarian at their expense within 72 hour from date of purchase, failure to do so will void this health guarantee. The puppy is guaranteed for (1) year against fatal and severe life-altering congenital diseases that adversely affects the health of the animal.  Buyer understands and acknowledges that Sellers can NOT predetermine that the Puppy will meet Buyer's expectations as respects conformation, cosmetic imperfection, performance, fertility or temperament.

*Puppies are guaranteed until they are of one year of age on any condition that caused your puppy purchased from Shamrock M Ranch's Collie to expire, and said expiration is confirmed to have been caused by a defect in the prenatal stage. Buyer must have an autopsy performed, at Buyer's expense, and a Veterinarian Certificate stating that the cause of death was caused by defects in the prenatal stage. Seller's veterinarian will confirm the autopsy reports.

*Replacement guarantee will be terminated if the cause of death was determined to be abuse, ingesting a toxic substance, or choking on a foreign object, or any condition not confirmed by veterinarian autopsy and analysis that did not stem from a defect in the prenatal stage of the puppy.

*The buyer must agree that the puppy shall receive proper immunizations, monthly heartworm and/or flea preventative, adequate and proper shelter, housed securely by the buyer, and not be neglected or mistreated in any manner. Puppy/Dog may never be taken to an animal shelter and must contact breeder for re-homing if for whatever reason the puppy or dog does not work out.

*Until puppies receive ALL their vaccinations, they should NOT be taken anywhere they can be exposed to unsafe areas such as Dog Parks, areas with a lot of wildlife, standing water areas, etc. Breeder will not be responsible for Parvo, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Corona Virus or any bacterial infection 48 hours after leaving Shamrock M Ranch

*On rare instances, a puppy may expire before pick up or shipping date. Breeder reserves the right to choose another puppy of equal value from subsequent litters within 2 years time restriction for replacement.

Breeder does not guarantee a purchased puppy's safe arrival if puppy is shipped out of state. Responsibility of shipping through this service is vested in the airlines or shipper, not the Breeder. Purchase price does not include shipping fees, crate, and transportation costs.  These costs will be borne by the Buyer. Should puppy expire before one year of age, any replacement puppy will be shipped at the Buyer's expense. Shipping dates and times will be determined by both parties.

*$250 deposit may be made toward a particular puppy for purchase. The deposit is not refundable if the Buyer changes his mind about the purchase.

*Puppies are to be taken to their new homes at 8 weeks of age.  If buyer cannot arrange for pick up by 9 weeks of age there is a $10 daily fee.

*No Financial Responsibility other than the above limited guarantee, the Breeder assumes no financial responsibility or other liability for this dog after it leaves her premises.

*Puppies going to new homes are under a certain amount of stress.  It is not uncommon to become susceptible to conditions such as Coccidiosis, Giardia, and Bordetella, which are troublesome disorders for young animals, but they are not life threatening unless left untreated.  Shamrock M Ranch goes to great lengths to prevent the following conditions, but does not consider the presence of fleas, ear mites, fungi or parasites a reason to return an animal.

Breeder's Signature:__________________________________Date:________________________
Buyer's Signature:_________________________________Date:_________________________
Puppy Name:_______________________________________________________
Date Last Vaccinated:____________________________________________________
Date Last Wormed:______________________________________________________

*Please keep de-worming your puppy 1 - 2 times a month until they are at least 6 months of age