Camano Island, Washington State USA
About Our Collies

*All are purebred

*AKC registered



*Health Guarantee

*Ranch raised

*All of our collies LOVE children!

*Stats Listed:
Age, Height, Weight, Temperament

*All rough coat
(Like Lassie)

*CERF tested

*Socialized Adults & Puppies


*Champion bloodlines

*Show Quality

*Pet and Companion Compatible

*Emails, questions and concerns returned in a timely nature
Phone 360.387.1875
We Accept
Please feel free to 
The Ladies
The Gentleman
What to Expect:
We do Puppy Visits when puppies are 8 weeks of age.  When you come to visit our ranch you can be expect to be greeted by at least 3 happy girls who will herd your vehicle up our long driveway.  Exiting your vehicle you can look forward to collie kisses and lots of love.  Our dogs especially love the children that come with you.  Collies absolutely ADORE children!  Then, when it's time to meet the rest of the collies you will be swarmed by 2 MORE collies.  I will put away the other 2 collies and then unleash the beast we call Maverick who will run straight to the kids . . . But not to worry- he loves children just as much as the girls!  Because he is so big and fluffy he can look intimidating to the small ones. But in actuality, he's our biggest mushy marshmallow that snorts with happiness. I can't imagine having better family pets to run the ranch!
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